Getting Started
Logtail API gives you access to read and manage your sources on the platform. It uses a simple HTTP REST API.

How Logtail API works

Our API follows JSON:API specification.
You'll get a separate API token for each of your teams.​
Do you need help integrating the API? Let us know at [email protected].

Obtaining an API Token

To obtain the API token for your team:
  • Go to Team members
  • Click Configure team in the header
  • Click on the Direct API Token to copy it to the clipboard

Authorizing requests

API requests made to Logtail API are authorized using a Bearer Authentication standard.
That means you'll only need to add a header with Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_TOKEN to your requests.

Response codes

200 β€” Success

Everything is OK.

422 β€” Unprocessable entity

We can't process the changes you requested. For example, we can't update your source because you made an invalid request.

401 β€” Unauthorized

You are trying to access a resource you don't have access to.

404 β€” Not found

The resource you're looking for doesn't exist.
500 β€” Unexpected error
Oops. That's probably our bad. We get notified instantly and will resolve the issue soon.