Getting Started
Logtail API gives you access to read and manage your sources on the platform. It uses a simple HTTP REST API.

How Logtail API works

Our API follows JSON:API specification.
You'll get a separate API token for each of your teams.​
Do you need help integrating the API? Let us know at [email protected].

Obtaining an API Token

To obtain the API token for your team:
    Go to Team members
    Click Configure team in the header
    Click on the Direct API Token to copy it to the clipboard

Authorizing requests

API requests made to Logtail API are authorized using a Bearer Authentication standard.
That means you'll only need to add a header with Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_TOKEN to your requests.

Response codes

200 β€” Success

Everything is OK.

422 β€” Unprocessable entity

We can't process the changes you requested. For example, we can't update your source because you made an invalid request.

401 β€” Unauthorized

You are trying to access a resource you don't have access to.

404 β€” Not found

The resource you're looking for doesn't exist.
500 β€” Unexpected error
Oops. That's probably our bad. We get notified instantly and will resolve the issue soon.
Last modified 2mo ago